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Born and raised in France, Tiffany Mc Swaker is a dance artist, performance maker, teacher, and holistic healerFounder of Transcendental Embodiment (TE), she transmits dance and healing practices such as TE, and Contact Beyond Contact in one-on-one sessions, and workshops. She has taught in various communities, festivals, and spiritual retreats across Europe and Central America.

Her approach to movement and dance integrates body-mind interconnection, emotional consciousness, theatricality, embodied phenomenology, energy work, healing modalities, and spirituality.

Following her internship at the Iceland Dance Company and once graduate from the Iceland University of the Arts (IUA) (BA) in Contemporary Dance Practices, Tiffany started her professional dance career alongside Foco alAire Producciones (MX) for LOStheUltramar, BPart+ (CZ), and Zerogrammi Dance Company (IT) for Elegia delle cose perdute.

In 2022, she began a Master's in Research and Contemporary Creations at the Sorbonne University of Arts in Paris to deepen her artistic investigations on altered states of consciousness, metaphysics of sound, kinesthetic empathy, and embodied phenomenology.

Moreover, she is certified in Reiki Usui 1, Healing with the Arts from the University of Florida (UF), and Cacao Ceremony space holding (FTC). She expanded her skills in filmmaking and sound writing. The short Burn out Well produced in 2021 has been shown in two film festivals (Physical Cinema, and Boreal Screendance Festival). 

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« Dance can be a practice of introspection, transformation, and transcendence of one’s subjective experiences into a worldwide journey. »


In 2020, Tiffany started to research in the field of dance and healing with her essay Behind & Beyond as an autodidact.

This ongoing inquiry unites movement phenomenology, metaphysical unity, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and scientific approaches. Arising from a choreographic project on that matter, she started to transmit her holistic approach to dance and movement with her practice entitled Transcendental Embodiment to dancers and movement lovers, as well as to the people who are seeking psychological and emotional support through the practice of dance.

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