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Projects & Creations

Paris Fashion Week

Performance for Maison Roshmode during Paris Fashion Week 2023 / 2024

Mont Saint-Michel

Collaboration with the artist Arnaud Pelletier


An homage to all the bureaucratic workers in the tertiary middle. Edging to clinical depression, teetering between reality and spontaneous breaking down imagination, how to find the balance when our mind has been condensed and framed in folder’s conformity ?

In a corrupted world, in which businessmen, and politicians were having economical agreements despite of ecological and environmental crisis, a woman wakes up one other morning to fit in this capitalistic society.

She is one of the hundred million employees who suffer from this implicit pandemia, the burnout.

To be as precise, efficient, and perfectionist as possible demands some sacrifices in which the pleasures of life and well-being do not find the space.

Running to be paid a minimum salary, responding to a consumerist lifestyle demands stamina, devotion, and hard working. The souls and the minds get framed, educated, and shrunk at expense of free-thinking, life’s true purpose, and delights.

One more day in which a woman wakes up to climb on the top of the pyramid of hierarchy.
Climbing for glory, or climbing for free will ?

She holds a slumbering fire that is craving for emancipation.


Referring to Pygmalion's syndrome, admiring his Galathée statue triggers the paradox of femininity which becomes an object of lusts and loses its first reproductive function.

The roses captured, faded, cut off from their vitality support the idea of a sterilized woman.

At the antipode of an incipient bud, the roses and the subject are crystallized. The annihilation is materialized by a black tarp void that over the performance comes to engulf the subject.


Our existence is as short as a flower that fades. Temporality diminishes us but subscribes to the acquisition of our full consciousness. We are the only directors of this nascent bud.

This raises a real question about the transience of things and the right measure.

Exaggerated femininity is not synonymous with hyper-sexualization.

The performance Allegory of Decay is the metaphor of the human species that is common to its own loss. The femininity of the subject exacerbated, the fair becomes the object of idealization and lust, pushes the woman to its climax, and condemns her to her own disappearance.


BEYOND is a journey to the frontiers of the visible and the invisible through shamanism and trance dance with the formidable Karine La Main Bienveillante, shaman and therapist.


From the birth of cellular life, we come into this world slowly remembering who we are.

Stardust from the Universe, ephemeral and eternal incarnations, the embodiment of infinitesimal possibilities of becoming.
Unfolding our existences, moments in movements.

Fugitive, elusive, and expressive substances that vanish away, yet diffuse their energetic propagations in space.

The womb, void of existentialism perforated unveils an ego to its authenticity and reminiscence of its essence.

The rebirth of pure consciousness ?

2021-07-08 (9).png

Teetering between passion, fear, codependency, anxiety, admiration, sorrowfulness, and hope, she tried her best to follow the flow of the relationship. Overthinking, she collapses down to the earth, pressuring herself with expectations and idealizations. When idealizing our partner becomes toxic for one's self-esteem? 


In this second choreographic research on the Myth of Androgynous (the origin of Eros as a platonic ideology ), What is left of us ?  is the memory of complicity in a delightful relationship that came to an end. 


Implicit issues such as lack of communication, lack of boundaries and self-confidence, victim/savior roles, or overload of attachment might complicate the story.


​In order to seek some truth in our physical manifestation through the embodiment of movement, we must first explore introspectively our inner truth residing in the innermost part of our being - the authentic being. For this, we must reinvest the movement through a work of investigation and inner exploration.

Not dancing for the performing result but living a conscious experience, a journey through honest devotion into a process that is guiding me to the actual performative state. A solo based on a personal practice named « Transcendental Embodiment » from a movement philosophy research the « Behind & Beyond », the undeniable relationships between the tangible and intangibles bodies (physical, psychical & spiritual). ​​

Purification of the blemish to redefine ourselves below a new chance.

Analepse from its original sin. When Eve has the remembrance of the genesis. Back to the bygone era of this contemporary.

The apple is already on the ground. Fallen from the tree of knowledge.

Who were we and what became of us?

Forgetting the consequences of an individual conscience at the expense of our community.

Another is one of the 7.60 billion people on the blue planet, whose passage is only temporary.

He is only the fruit of his actions. The past of his species has come to accumulate on his skin.

It’s time to open our eyes. To open up our senses. To look and to see beyond the matter.


The emotional solution within the relationship happens out of the equation of the individual subjectivity, it does not interfere within the equation of the being itself. Therefore, the emotional (or affective) economy does not specifically belong to anyone or anything.


We own the power to let such events be created out of the transfer of information from A to B. As subjects, we can either decide to let the interactional event to influence positively/negatively or to stay affectively independent from the object B.


In other words, it is an empowering decision-making of attachment or emancipation. Consequently, reinforcing our emotional autonomy.


Your fragility is also your strength ?  is a solo extract from the piece The Myth of the Androgynous.

Inspired from the Greek mythology of the philosopher Plato.

Every performer is looking for their half, change partners, co-create and destruct relations.
Deliciously sensitive, the same fatality for all, wrong assembly, different passionate stories, the pairs test themselves argue, adore each other, separate in a collective hubbub.
Poetic, lonely, dreamer emanates from certain dancers who unknowingly create a group. Fragility palpable. Then the solo intervenes to soften the situation in the society.

The existential question on the meaning of love, relationships, and the idealization (or curse?) of soul fulfillment. The mourning of the illusionary soulmate idea, ineluctably ambitious to find the ‘one’ into a corrupted society


Physical Cinema

Short movie connecting theatricality and movement.


From the Earth, a feeling of existence
From the Sky, a feeling of becoming

The in-between tends to reach both extremes
Empowering life cycle
The past, the present and the future into one heartbeat

Representation of humanity
The birth into the mourning of the matter
Motionless blessing

Inanimate maternity surrenders to the shiny dust
Milky white blanket protecting the infant from the eternity
Eternity of stillness

Ephemeral crystal powder
Living and melts on life
Yet rests on inert bodies


DREAMS V is an immersive and participative performance in collaboration. An experimental and abstract exploration in improvisation with electronic music, dance, poetry, performing voices and music scores.

The atmosphere builds through the performance touches the concept of chance-control and indeterminacy. Created from decision making by the artists in collaboration who are correlating their improvisations.

Between the state of dizziness from falling asleep and fully conscious, awareness of the body. Falling for real, what is the verticality, what is the reality?
Daydream, somnambulism, deep sleep, chaos and nightmare are interpreted.

The audience is invited to join the performance with some instructions, scores of trajectories and positions in the space in relation to the performers - and become a part of the performance themselves.

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