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Tiffany is heartily invested in the transmission of knowledge and skills through the deepest layers of acquired techniques. Through her methodology, she holistically reflects on the embodiment of various dance and movement practices. As a teacher, facilitator, and space holder, she is driven to support people in their creative processes, self-development, and healing journey if needed.

These past years, Tiffany has coached young people, adults, and artists toward their fullest potential for several dance competitions, auditions for conservatories, and exams.

Awaken yourself to your inner-power for moving and creating !



* FREE CALL :  Before your booking, a free call can be scheduled to discuss your needs and goals.

Transcendental Embodiment

Dance & Healing 

Transcendental Embodiment is a holistic approach to dance and movement that unites phenomenology, body-mind interconnection, spirituality, and healing modalities. The metaphysical unity of the tangible body (the material vehicle), and the intangible bodies (psychological, emotional, energetical, and spiritual). TE is guiding and holding space for the participants to conscious corporeality, subjective emotional understanding, and transcendence of the 'self' and ego through meditation, energy work, and intuitive movement. With non-self definition, self-care, integrity, and acceptance, psychological benefits may arise and help the participants to overcome the limits that are holding them away from their self-achievement potentiality.

Dance class & Coaching

Holistic approach to technique

From ballet to contemporary dance, and floorwork this technique class is for anyone who desires a better connection and understanding of their moving bodies. Dance techniques will be approached below Transcendental Embodiment methodology. Together, we will work towards the deepest integration of movement, and processing instead of doing. Being the movement, embodying it into its essence with authentic artistry, curiosity, and truthfulness. Discover your fullest potential by working smart instead of working hard. The classes integrate body-mind interconnection, energy work to awaken the QI (vital energy) , somatic awareness, and embodied phenomenology.

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Contact Beyond Contact

Dance & Healing

Dance is a practice that can bring the body into a sensitive state that understands, acknowledges, and accepts what the heart needs to express for eventually healing the spirit.

CBC is a dance improvisation practice aiming to create a safe space of integrity in synergy in which all people can transform, and heal the body, mind, heart, and spirit.
This movement practice integrates Contact Improvisation (CI), Passing Through (PT), Authentic Movement (AM),

Qi Gong, yoga, and healing modalities.

Healing with the Arts

Energy work & Cross disciplinary arts

How dancing, painting, singing, making music, or video clips can support the expression of truths, feelings, and ideas? This mentoring workshop is inspired from the course Healing with the Arts of the University of Florida.

As conscious and versatile beings, our life is about coordinating skills for more creativity, joy, and passion for feeling alive. This class is about creating your artistic sanctuary. Creating from the subconscious mind, this journey is guided through various tasks to learn how to use our feelings, thoughts, and energy in artistic consecration.



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