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From the birth of cellular life, we come into this world slowly remembering who we are.

Stardust from the Universe, ephemeral and eternal incarnations, the embodiment of infinitesimal possibilities of becoming.
Unfolding our existences, moments in movements.

Fugitive, elusive, and expressive substances that vanish away, yet diffuse their energetic propagations in space.

The womb, void of existentialism perforated unveils an ego to its authenticity and reminiscence of its essence.

The rebirth of pure consciousness ?

This performance is a metaphor for the human species that is common to its own loss.  Referring to Pygmalion's syndrome, admiring his statue Galathea triggers the paradox of femininity which becomes an exacerbated object of lust and idealization. Pushing the woman to her climax, and condemning her to her own annihilation.​​

The roses captured, faded, cut off from their vitality support the idea of a sterilized woman.

At the antipode of an incipient bud, the roses and the subject are crystallized. 


Our existence is as short as a flower that fades. Temporality diminishes us but subscribes to the acquisition of our full consciousness. We are the only directors of this nascent bud.

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Purification of the genesis to redefine ourselves below a new chance.

Analepse from its original sin. When Eve has the remembrance of the genesis. Back to the bygone era of this contemporary.

The apple is already on the ground. Fallen from the tree of knowledge.

Who were we and what became of us?

Forgetting the consequences of an individual conscience at the expense of our community.

Another is one of the 7.60 billion people on the blue planet, whose passage is only temporal.

If you desire to improve or transcend your technical skills and artistry Transcendental Embodiment (TE) is a dance and movement practice that can be useful to deepen your body-mind-heart connection through mindfulness, self-care, and creative research.

TE combines a meditative approach in stillness and through movement. Awakening the consciousness, spreading awareness into different body parts, following energy impulses and intuitive movements, improvising on various types of music, and increasing the energy flow.

Practicing resilience, self-care, self-love, integrity, and acceptance to overcome physical, and mental limits.

From a movement philosophy research entitled Behind & Beyondthis phenomenologic approach is based on a subjective and introspective journey towards self-achievement potentiality through the different stages of consciousness: unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and transcendental consciousness.

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My wish for you is to explore yourself to gain guidance from your deep thinking and spread your ideas all over the world in order to establish a wonderful life and world.

Yayoi Kusama

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