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Solo for Seheiah

The Transcendental Embodiment 


Not dancing for the performing result but living a conscious experience, journey through honest devotion into a process which is guiding us to the actual performative state.

The unity of the metaphysical dualism.

This solo is based on a personal practice named The Transcendental Embodiment from a movement philosophy research, the Behind & Beyond, the undeniable relationships between the tangible and intangibles bodies (physical, psychical & spiritual). The performative subjective experience builds itself crescendo from:

Being (awakening of consciousness within macro perception. Allow yourself to be in the present moment in a real and limited space.)

Investigation (feel, research in the micro and kinesphere through the expansion of consciousness in different body parts, sensitive and somatic perceptions self-consciousness traveling in the body),

Exploration (projective and collective consciousness, external inspiration from outsider perceptions, surrounding elements, atmosphere, textures, curiosity in external resources.)

Dedication (power of intention, emotional resources, complete embodiment. An authentic experience through devotion in action.)

In order to seek some truth in our physical manifestation through the embodiment of movement, we must first explore our inner truth residing in the innermost part of our being - the authentic being. For this, we must reinvest the movement through a work of investigation and inner exploration.

Inspired from the Teknê of Plato, Phenomenology of Perception of Merleau-Ponty, Metaphysical Meditations of Descartes, The Psychic Energy of C. Jung.

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