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Burn out Well


An homage to all the bureaucratic workers in the tertiary middle. Edging to clinical depression, teetering between reality and spontaneous breaking down imagination, how to find the balance when our mind has been condensed and framed in folder’s conformity ?


In a corrupted world, in which businessmen, and politicians were having economical agreements despite of ecological and environmental crisis, a woman wakes up one other morning to fit in this capitalistic society.

She is one of the hundred million employees who suffer from this implicit pandemia, the burnout.

To be as precise, efficient, and perfectionist as possible demands some sacrifices in which the pleasures of life and well-being do not find the space.

Running to be paid a minimum salary, responding to a consumerist lifestyle demands stamina, devotion, and hard working. The souls and the minds get framed, educated, and shrunk at expense of free-thinking, life’s true purpose, and delights.

One more day in which a woman wakes up to climb on the top of the pyramid of hierarchy.
Climbing for glory, or climbing for free will ?

She holds a slumbering fire that is craving for emancipation.

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