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Equational Subjectivism



In reaction to Sarah Ahmed – Affective economies



        It is not hate that is creating the trigger, jealousy, or anger, it is love. Love and hate are beside one another and that is how all dramas are fulfilled with great emotional complexity. The contrary of love isn't hate, it is rather the state of indifference in response to an interactional event happening between the subject regarding the object.
As corroborated in the text, hate does not lie in a subject or an object, it is an event emerging from two different elements/atoms/individuals, and so on. The emotional reaction of hate is created out of the exchange of information, data, between A (the subject, with his own subjectivism’s equation) to B (the object, with his own subjectivism’s equation.)

       As the term ‘economy’ is used in order to metaphorically design the organization of this exchange through the equation's layers of the physical, emotional, mental, and energetical substances. The phenomenon of circulation passes through these layers, this is how the affective economies are regulated.
Furthermore, the equational subjectivity within a subject is regulated itself through the additional factors of uniqueness (inner-perceptions, beliefs system, education and knowledge, encyclopedia of past-experiences influencing the interpretation of information.) I assume that these individual equations are none other than the reflective complexity of the being.

      The emotional solution within the relationship happens out of the equation of the individual subjectivity, it does not interfere within the equation of the being itself. Therefore, the emotional (or affective) economy does not specifically belong to anyone or anything. We own the power to let such events be created out of the transfer of information from A to B. As subjects, we can either decide to let the interactional event to influence positively/negatively or to stay affectively independent from the object B. In other words, it is an empowering decision-making of attachment or emancipation. Consequently, reinforcing our emotional autonomy.

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