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DREAMS V is an immersive and participative performance in collaboration. An experimental and abstract exploration in improvisation with electronic music, dance, poetry, performing voices and music scores.

Between the state of dizziness from falling asleep and fully conscious, awareness of the body. Falling for real, what is the verticality, what is the reality?
Daydream, somnambulism, deep sleep, chaos and nightmare are interpreted.

The audience is invited to join the performance with some instructions, scores of trajectories and positions in the space in relation to the performers - and become a part of the performance themselves.
The atmosphere builds through the performance touches the concept of chance-control and indeterminacy. Created from decision making by the artists in collaboration who are correlating their improvisations.


The black hoods and gloves are significant on the anonymous aspect and the lack of identity of people you can meet or already know in your dreams.

Memories are not continuous
They jump around from place to place
And vault over large swaths of time
With many gaps between
[Dreams unfold] … with a logic that is not always readily apparent.

Paul Auster – 4321

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"I come from the shadows

I come from the dark

Not fearing light, rather avoiding it

For my eyes are meant to see

Only when the sun dies

A century

A millennium

An eon ahead

The awakening of the conscience

The awe of the inner self

The soul, the consciousness, the spirit, the myth

Not a man or a woman,

Nor a child or an elder

A wise thought

A proper word

A gentle touch

A lingering glance

An everlasting sigh"

Pictures from: Carlos Beltran Gomez

Collaboration :

Directed by: Carlos Beltran Gomez

Performer and co-creator: Tiffany Mc Swaker (Margelin)
Music composer: Carlos Beltran Gomez
Singer: Julie Blaise
Violoncellist: Marion Colas
Video captation: Anna Vacca Villa
Video maker: Tiffany Margelin
Space: Université Panthéon Sorbonne Paris 1 - Arts Plastiques - Cinéma - Sciences des Arts

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