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Contact Beyond Contact

Dance is a practice that can bring the body into a sensitive state that understands, acknowledges, and accepts what the heart needs to express for eventually healing the spirit.

Contact Beyond Contact endorse dance as a healing practice accessible to all. It connects different dance styles and healing modalities for personal growth, personal and collective awareness with psychological benefits as in healing relationships.

CBC is a dance improvisation practice aiming to create a safe space of integrity in synergy in which all people can transform, and heal the body, mind, heart, and spirit.
This movement practice integrates Contact Improvisation (CI), Passing Through (PT), Authentic Movement (AM), Qi Gong, yoga, and healing modalities.
Together, we will be co-creating a harmonious environment through the principles of behaviorism, and leadership skills to create healthy and holistic relationships with oneself and another.

This integration will allow us to genuinely connect from the heart within the self, with another, with the environment as well as with nature beyond the means of physical contact. There is an incentive of nurturing communication beyond language and normal means, thus enhancing the metaphysical aspects of the human organism.



The classes are tailored, designed, and adjusted regarding the specific needs, capabilities,

uniqueness, and artistic voice of each individual.

* For who : For anyone who enjoys movement and dance, and desires a better connection and understanding with their moving bodies.

One-on-one, couple, or group sessions

* Location : Online via SKYPE or at student's location

* Length : 1 to 1,5 hour


 1 class: 20€

5 classes: 17€

10 classes: 15€

You can book a class on Paypal

To read more about Contact Beyond Contact and its creator:

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