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The Transcendental Embodiment

Unconscious  |  Subconscious  |  Conscious  |  Transcendental-consciousness

Being  |  Investigation  |  Exploration  |  Dedication

« We must move from a knowledge of psychical and physiological facts of the animal event as a vital process inherent in our existence. The union of soul and body is not saddled by an arbitrary decree between two external terms. It is accomplished at all times in the movement's existence. »

 Maurice Merleau-Ponty 

The Transcendental Embodiment (TTE) merged from a movement philosophy research entitled Behind & Beyond, to its phenomenological understanding. The metaphysical unity of the tangible and intangibles bodies expounds the undeniable relationships between those in the physical realm. The tangible body (the material vehicle), the intangibles bodies (psychological, emotional, energetical, and spiritual). As a dance healing practice, guiding the practitioner to conscious corporeality, and subjective emotional understanding, this methodology can also be a useful tool to improve artistry and technical skills on a deeper level, widening mindful creativity, awareness, empathy, and sensitivity.


(TTE) movement and dance methodology combines a meditative approach in stillness and through movement, awakening the mind, spreading the awareness into different body parts; put a specific emphasis on improvisation skills, and musicality, following energy impulses and intuitive movement, increasing the flow of energy. Inviting the practitioners to practice resilience, non-self definition, non-judgment, self-care and self-love, integrity, and acceptance to overcome technical, physical, and mental limits holding the practitioner from his self-achievement potentiality. This approach builds itself crescendo on subjective movement reflexivity and introspective journey through the following process:

To the bounded notion of ego: "I know, I want, I expect", The Transcendental Embodiment (TTE) guides perpetual seekers to transcendental-ego and cogito: "I feel, I seek, I welcome abundance".  This approach widens the perceptions acuity about our moving body and the infinitesimal expansion of its psychical power into the physical realm. Not dancing for the performative result but living a conscious experience, journey through authentic dedication to a process that is naturally leading us to the actual performative state. It is firstly coming from the inner perspective that guides us to an honest devotion for what makes us move.  (TTE) counters movement passivity in a world that fades into a certain automatism.

Inspired from the Teknè of Plato, Phenomenology of Perception of Merleau-Ponty, Metaphysical Meditations of Descartes, The Psychic Energy of C. Jung, and more.



Years after years, with the ever-increasing external stimulus, and technological distractions, we forget to actively request the movements themselves through their phenomenologies, the philosophy of ‘what we are doing’. We do not naturally transcend sensorial and empirical experiences, and it is challenging to increase inner-awareness in a very fast life. We move away from the essence of things, from the immutable Truth, to rather possess a sense of truth based on our subjective perceptions and interpretations of life.

Therefore, it is essential to embody the totality of our existence to tend to a posteriori sense of truth within the self-achievement potentiality. The material body given to me as such should be truly investigated by the reflexivity of movement according to the study of its phenomenon through conscientious corporeality.

In order to seek some truth in our physical manifestation through the embodiment of movements, we must first explore our inner truth residing in the innermost part of our being - the authentic being. For this, we must reinvest the movement through a work of investigation and inner exploration.

  • Being  – Awareness from the unconscious

Keywords: quietness, macro-perception, emerging consciousness, transcendental-cogito, non-self definition, resilience, meditation of letting go, presence to oneself

  • Investigation  Intuition within the subconscious

Keywords: vital energy, active meditation, micro-somatic, kinesphere, introspection, the mind's eye (Ajna chakra), inner-truth, subjectivity, non-judgment, empiricism

  • Exploration  Emotional consciousness

Keywords: power of attention, subjectivity, projective consciousness, external resources, surrounding landscape, curiosity, free will and determinism, score, meal metaphor, tree metaphor

  • Dedication  Transcendental-consciousness and soul devotion

Keywords: power of intention, technè, phenomenology of consequent action, mindfulness, collective awareness, self-achievement potentiality, antecedent psychical force 

Dance & Movement classes

The classes are tailored, designed, and adjusted regarding the specific needs, capabilities,

uniqueness, and artistic voice of each individual.

For who? : For anyone who enjoys movement and dance, and desires a better connection

and understanding with their moving bodies.

One-to-one or group sessions

Where? : Online via SKYPE or at the student's location

Length : 1 to 1,5 hour


 1 class: 20€

5 classes: 17€

10 classes: 15€

Bookings are available on Apprentus or by contacting me

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